Open Studio

Open Studio project image 2

Open Studio is located in the centre of Stroud, a market town within the Coswolds. It provides a shared creative working environment to support the thriving artist community, who mainly work in jewelry making, painting, pottery and photography. The circulation route represented in red links rented studio spaces with communal areas and interim exhibition spaces. This takes inspiration from Stroud's history in wool production, where large lengths of cloth were traditionally produced using water mills.

Open Studio project image 1

The project's social agenda is to stimulate cross collaboration amongst artists, as well as being open and inviting to the general public. The open spaces create visual links which are centred around a public cafe that also serves as a community events space. The copper louvred facade carefully manipulates views both into and out of the spaces, whilst forming a playful and invtiting exterior.

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The winding internal route ends at the roof terrace, which offers views to the surrounding countryside. At the ground level passers by are encouraged to observe the works of the jewelery makers, whose workstations and display tables are positioned beside the highstreet.